I'm Jacqueline de la Fuente the artist and maker behind DE LA JARDIN of paper clay vases and prints. I’ve had a creative career over the course of 8 years as a Textile Designer in Print and Weave and as well as a Professional baker all of which have been invaluable in my creative journey, giving me incredible experience from learning about design, working with my hands and exploring materials.

Paper clay vases came about organically through my slight obsession with shapes, form and my love for sculptures and vases. As much as I wanted to work with ceramics and clay, having access to a studio with a 3 year old in tow wasn’t the option. I decided to look at how I could create objects and vases from my home, at the same time,  I’ve always been conscious of waste and the environment which is where I started to experiment with the classic childhood favourite 'Papier Mache’ - no balloons involved!

Each vase is slowly hand sculpted therefore the traces of my fingertips and hands on the surface make each piece tactile, unique and one of a kind. I create different shapes where some are left in their natural pulp finish or I hand paint them using high quality water based paints that have a small carbon footprint. They are not water tight but I also love to appreciate the charm of this material and to save H20 so dried flowers are a perfect match - no watering needed! To create pieces from "trash to treasure" feels very rewarding as well as fulfilling and I love that my sculpted vases can stand tall in people homes as decorative and calming pieces.

My prints and artwork are an extension of these pieces where brushstrokes and lines flow organically. These however are ever changing by looking at nature and what currently inspires me.