Jacqueline is open to commissions in keeping with her creative style and materials and is happy to chat about what you have in mind.

Due to the *nature of the papier-mâché clay, a starting fee of £100 is required for initial ideas, sketches and planning of the sculptural piece. 

Lead times and cost will be based on materials, size and time required to create your bespoke piece.

Like all of Jacqueline's vases and artworks, they are all handmade individually and are unique, therefore are non-refundable.  

Please be aware that all starting fees and sales are final.

* Nature of papier-mâché clay:

Jacqueline creates her papier-mâché clay by recycling discarded paper and card. It is a soft malleable clay that dries to almost a stone-like weight and texture. Unlike ceramic clay, a whole sculpture or vase takes on a slow process where each part is sculpted in various stages. Once each element or part is sculpted, it is then left to dry before hand building the next part of its form and shape.