- What type of clay are your vases made from?

DE LA JARDIN has developed a Paper Clay derived from the classic childhood favourite - Papier Maché.

The recipe has evolved and especially developed by Jacqueline using recycled paper and card such as: egg cartons, paper packaging to unwanted mail, ALL sourced locally. The paper and card is then made into a paper pulp by hand. This is then mixed with materials to make into a malleable clay to mould into shape which becomes robust and sturdy like a ceramic once dry.

The paper and card definitely goes through a journey to become a treasured piece!

- Are your vases water tight?

At the moment our vases are NOT water tight but we love to appreciate the charm of this material. Our vases and sculptures are perfect statement pieces that can stand on their own on your space or home but also are just right to hold your dried flowers in.

- How are your pieces made?

All vases and sculptures are slowly hand built by Jacqueline with the traces of her fingerprints and hands on the surface which further emphasises the individuality of each piece. Each part of the vase or sculpture is made individually and has to dry thoroughly before being pieced together.

- I like the 'natural' colour of clay but it says colours vary or "sold out"

Because the recycled paper and card can vary in colour, this will affect the final outcome of the natural coloured vases. A true representation will be shown as much as possible to these specific items.


- What's the best way to keep my vase or sculpture clean?

To look after your new piece of treasure, gently wipe clean the surface with a dry cloth, Please take care with painted surfaces as they are not scratch resistant.